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Cleaning and degreasing concentrate
Cat no: PC004
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A powerful cleaning and degreasing concentrate. It easily removes oil, grease and tar.

Designed to use in the form of emulsions with water in concentrations of 1 - 20%.


Ideal for cleaning:

  • grease stains from all types of floors

  • production and public service halls

  • machines and mechanical parts

  • petrol stations

  • car workshops


Directions for use:

The concentrate must be diluted with cold water to obtain a concentration of:


1 - 5% - for cleaning production and public service halls (manual or machine washing).
1 - 10% - for cleaning oil and grease stains from carpets, upholstery and work clothing (does not discolor fabrics).
5 - 20% - cleaning oil stains on paving stones and concrete at petrol stations, for cleaning mechanical parts.


The emulsion can be used repeatedly in a close loop.





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