Engine cleaner

Cat no: PC010
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34 x 500 ml

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MOTO CLEANER is an effective cleaning agent which composition has been developed for use in the automotive industry.


It is designed for washing traction components of motor vehicles, such as:

  • Engines

  • Bodywork

  • Rims

  • Parts made of aluminum and plastic


Effectively removes oil, grease, grease and soot.


It does not react with aluminum and other metals, does not leave stains on plastics, does not damage seals and electrical wiring.

The product can be used in all mechanical and pressure washing devices.


Directions for use:

MOTO CLEANER is intended for a direct use without the need to dilute it. The product should be applied on cleaned surface using any sprayer, wait for a few minutes then rinse with water. In the case of a heavily stained surface, the process should be repeated using an additional mechanical cleaning material e.g. sponge. MOTO CLEANER can be used in the form of an active foam. The use of the product in this form helps to clean vertical surfaces, prolongs the contact time of the solution with the surface and prevents it from drying before rinsing with water.


Warning! Do not allow the product to dry on the cleaned surface.

Do not use on hot surfaces.


It is completely biodegradable