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Car shampoo with a neutral pH - bubble gum fragrance
Cat no: PC216
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Concentrated car shampoo, which can be used for both manual and automated car washes.


Effectively removes road dirt and other impurities without leaving stains. Thanks to its neutral pH, it does not wash off protective coatings and hard waxes from the surface of the varnish.


Available scents:

  • PC 211 - lemon
  • PC 216 – bubble gum


Directions for use:

Before washing the car by hand thoroughly rinse the vehicle to remove particles of sand, salt or other impurities that may hinder the cleaning, or scratch the varnish coat.

The concentrate must be diluted with water to obtain a concentration of:

0.5 - 3% (5 - 30 ml of preparation for 1L of water)

The concentration of the solution depends on the degree of staining of the vehicle. It is best to apply the working solution with a foamer. Wash with a sponge, then rinse thoroughly with water.


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