Car cosmetics

Glass Surface Cleaner
Product based on nanotechnology designed for cleaning all glass surfaces, plastic and laminated elements.
Cat no: PC102
A highly concentrated product for cleaning commercial vehicles
Removes heavy staining, while remaining safe for the bodywork and varnish.
Cat no: PC021
Car Wash Active Foam
Thick foam. Effectively removes road dirt and other staining created during the operation of the vehicle.
Cat no: PC213
Engine cleaner
Product safe for cleaning engines. Does not react with aluminum, does not discolour plastics, does not damage seals.
Cat no: PC010
Deironizer – bloody rim
Removes all metallic dirt i.e. dust from brake pads. Completely safe for rims and varnish (neutral pH)
Cat no: PC224
Neutral active foam
Colorful and fragrant foam with a neutral pH.
Cat no: PC225
Rim cleaner
Extremely effective and very efficient concentrate with acidic pH for washing rims (pH = 1). It easily removes brake pad deposits from rims as well as any dirt formed on the road.
Cat no: PC214
Plastic and rubber coating solution
Extracts deep black colour from the cleaned surface. It does not stick, dries completely giving it a velvety gloss. Perfect for tires, handles and bumpers.
Cat no: PC202
Preserving coating spray for plastics – matte
Anti-static spray that restores the natural look. It does not leave a greasy layer.
Cat no: PC205
Leather cleaner and care preservative
Its special formula gently cleans the surface of the leather. It contains a blend of natural oils and moisturizing waxes. It does not leave an oily layer.
Cat no: PC203
Active car shampoo
The product is designed for pressure or hand washing. Thanks to its unique composition, it leaves a delicate gloss on the bodywork. It does not leave streaks.
Cat no: PC212
Hydrowax with a dehumidifier
A highly concentrated product with drying and polishing properties.
Cat no: PC215
Car wax – Quick Detailer
Wax based on nanotechnology, fast application of the product. Protects the varnish by leaving a delicate layer along with perfect shiny finish.
Cat no: PC207
Car shampoo with a neutral pH - bubble gum fragrance
Effectively removes road dirt. It does not wash off hard waxes, it does not destroy protective coatings.
Cat no: PC216
Remover of adhesive residues from varnished and glass surfaces
Removes residual glue, tape, tar and foil without the risk of discoloration or damage to the paint. It works great when removing car advertising stickers. 
Cat no: PC014
Car shampoo with a neutral pH - lemon fragrance
Effectively removes road dirt. It does not wash off hard waxes, it does not destroy protective coatings.
Cat no: PC211
Car bug and insect residue remover
It gets rid of even difficult to remove dried bugs and insects from the surface of windows, headlights and bodywork.
Cat no: PC204
Rug and upholstery cleaner
The product is designed for manual cleaning. Reduces surface tension separating the fiber from dirt. It neutralizes unpleasant odors.
Cat no: PC206
Air freshener – green tea fragrance
Very efficient and easy to use, long lasting fragrance. It eliminates unpleasant smells.
Cat no: PC217
Profesjonalny pędzel detailingowy - 30 mm
Wysokiej jakości pędzelek detailingowy, długość włosia ok 5,5 cm. Odporny na chemię.
Cat no: A171