30 x 30 cm / 10 szt.
Gramatura 320g / m2
Cat no: N250
From: 39.00 zł
47.97 zł with VAT
50 x 60 cm
Gramatura 240g / m2
Cat no: N253
From: 7.00 zł
8.61 zł with VAT
Delikatne mydło w piance o zapachu czarne winogrona
Skutecznie usuwa wszelkie zabrudzenia, pozostawiając skórę gładką i miękką w dotyku.
Cat no: PC117
From: 8.00 zł
9.84 zł with VAT
LCD and Monitor Cleaning Spray
Non-toxic spray for cleaning monitors, LCD screens, LEDs etc.
Cat no: PC103
From: 8.50 zł
10.46 zł with VAT
Orange Hand Soap
Effectively removes dirt leaving the skin smooth and soft to touch.
Cat no: PC113, PC105, PC126, PC127
From: 9.00 zł
11.07 zł with VAT
Concentrate for washing rugs and upholstery
Low foaming concentrated liquid for washing rugs and upholstery. It neutralises unpleasant odors leaving a fresh smell for a long time.
Cat no: PC107
From: 17.00 zł
20.91 zł with VAT
Raspberry Scented Dishwashing Liquid
It easily removes fat and other impurities, such as coffee or tea residues, or burnt dirt.
Cat no: PC125, PC124, PC110, PC114
From: 7.50 zł
9.23 zł with VAT