External cleaning

A highly concentrated product for cleaning commercial vehicles
Removes heavy staining, while remaining safe for the bodywork and varnish.
Cat no: PC021
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Car Wash Active Foam
Thick foam. Effectively removes road dirt and other staining created during the operation of the vehicle.
Cat no: PC213
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Neutral active foam
Colorful and fragrant foam with a neutral pH.
Cat no: PC225
From: 24.00 zł
29.52 zł with VAT
Active car shampoo
The product is designed for pressure or hand washing. Thanks to its unique composition, it leaves a delicate gloss on the bodywork. It does not leave streaks.
Cat no: PC212
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Car shampoo with a neutral pH - bubble gum fragrance
Effectively removes road dirt. It does not wash off hard waxes, it does not destroy protective coatings.
Cat no: PC211, PC216
From: 10.00 zł
12.30 zł with VAT
Neutralna piana aktywna
Pachnąca, bezbarwna piana o neutralnym pH.
Cat no: PC228
From: 17.00 zł
20.91 zł with VAT