Aluminium Cleaner

Cat no: PC006
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14 x 1 l

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ALU EXPERT - acid cleaning agent designed mainly for cleaning surfaces made of aluminum and its alloys. It can also be used for cleaning surfaces made of other metals. Perfectly removes all corrosion and lime deposits.

The product can be used for cleaning e.g.:

  • semi-trailers of commercial vehicles
  • construction equipment and tools (removes cement, mortar, tile adhesive etc.)
  • commercial vehicles transporting concrete


Directions for use:

The concentrate must be diluted with cold water at a ratio:

1:4 – 1:10 the most commonly used dilution

1:1 or pure concentrate for heavy deposits (special care should be taken)


After cleaning, the washed surface should be then rinsed with water and protected against re-corrosion.


Warning! Do not use on glass and painted elements.