Fireplace and oven liquid cleaner
Product designed to remove tarry deposits in fireplaces and ovens.
Cat no: PC104
From: 16.00 zł
19.68 zł with VAT
Leather cleaner and care preservative
Its special formula gently cleans the surface of the leather. It contains a blend of natural oils and moisturizing waxes. It does not leave an oily layer.
Cat no: PC203
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Rug and upholstery cleaner
The product is designed for manual cleaning. Reduces surface tension separating the fiber from dirt. It neutralizes unpleasant odors.
Cat no: PC206
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Cleaning solution for care of floor panels and PVC flooring.
Effectively removes all dirt leaving a protective coating and a pleasant smell.
Cat no: PC108
From: 10.00 zł
12.30 zł with VAT