Kitchen cleaner
Easily removes grease and dried dirt leaving a shiny surface with a pleasant frangance. It is suitable for cleaning gas and microwave ovens, induction hobs, hoods, countertops, ceramic tiles and other surfaces.
Cat no: PC112
From: 11.00 zł
13.53 zł with VAT
Fireplace and oven liquid cleaner
Product designed to remove tarry deposits in fireplaces and ovens.
Cat no: PC104
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Cleaning solution for care of ceramic tile floors
Product designed for everyday cleaning and care of washable floors i.e. ceramic tiles. It leaves a pleasant smell for a long time without streaks.
Cat no: PC109
From: 11.50 zł
14.15 zł with VAT
Delikatne mydło w piance o zapachu czarne winogrona
Skutecznie usuwa wszelkie zabrudzenia, pozostawiając skórę gładką i miękką w dotyku.
Cat no: PC117
From: 8.00 zł
9.84 zł with VAT
Raspberry Scented Dishwashing Liquid
It easily removes fat and other impurities, such as coffee or tea residues, or burnt dirt.
Cat no: PC125, PC124, PC110, PC114
From: 7.50 zł
9.23 zł with VAT