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Leather cleaner and care preservative
Cat no: PC203
5 l
200 ml 750 ml
12 x 200 ml 15 x 750 ml
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Desired to clean, condition and refresh leather items.


Its special formula gently cleans the surface of leather items. It contains a blend of natural oils and moisturising waxes that refresh the leather.


It can be used for cleaning and preservation of all types of leather, i.e.:

  • car upholstery
  • furniture (sofas, armchairs)
  • boots
  • clothes
  • handbags


It does not leave an oily layer. It does not require rinsing and does not dry the leather. It leaves a pleasant fragrance..


Directions for use:

Spray the cleaned surface and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Clean with small, circular motions. Allow to dry.



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