promotion SAFETY
Żel do higieny rak
Skutecznie oczyszcza skórę rąk bez użycia wody i mydła. Posiada właściwości antybakteryjne.
Cat no: PC401
From: 8.00 zł
9.84 zł with VAT
promotion JUMBO
Kitchen cleaner
Easily removes grease and dried dirt leaving a shiny surface with a pleasant frangance. It is suitable for cleaning gas and microwave ovens, induction hobs, hoods, countertops, ceramic tiles and other surfaces.
Cat no: PC112
From: 11.00 zł
13.53 zł with VAT
Fabric conditioner
A highly concentrated liquid. Thanks to its incredible intensity it allows you to enjoy freshness for a long time
Cat no: PC115, PC120, PC118, PC119
From: 23.00 zł
28.29 zł with VAT
Washing gel
Concentrated washing gel for all types of washing machines and hand washing
Cat no: PC123, PC122, PC116, PC121
From: 21.00 zł
25.83 zł with VAT
Liquid agent for removing limescale from shower cabins, fittings and glaze.
The product is designed to remove deposits formed during the use of hard water, such as scale and rust.
Cat no: PC101
From: 12.00 zł
14.76 zł with VAT
Glass Surface Cleaner
Product based on nanotechnology designed for cleaning all glass surfaces, plastic and laminated elements.
Cat no: PC102
From: 8.00 zł
9.84 zł with VAT
promotion BURNOUT
Fireplace and oven liquid cleaner
Product designed to remove tarry deposits in fireplaces and ovens.
Cat no: PC104
From: 16.00 14.40 zł
17.71 zł with VAT
Cleaning solution for care of ceramic tile floors
Product designed for everyday cleaning and care of washable floors i.e. ceramic tiles. It leaves a pleasant smell for a long time without streaks.
Cat no: PC109
From: 11.50 zł
14.15 zł with VAT
Rust and scale remover concentrate
The product is designed for cleaning ceramic, metal, glass and plastic surfaces. Removes rust and limescale formed as a result of using hard water.
Cat no: PC008
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Leather cleaner and care preservative
Its special formula gently cleans the surface of the leather. It contains a blend of natural oils and moisturizing waxes. It does not leave an oily layer.
Cat no: PC203
From: 25.00 zł
30.75 zł with VAT
Antifoam solution
An efficient solution for neutralising foam in all cleaning machines. It provides protection against the formation of foam in a dirty water tank.
Cat no: PC022
From: 96.00 zł
118.08 zł with VAT
Rug and upholstery cleaner
The product is designed for manual cleaning. Reduces surface tension separating the fiber from dirt. It neutralizes unpleasant odors.
Cat no: PC206
From: 12.00 zł
14.76 zł with VAT
Thorough Cleaning Solution
Effectively removes dried dirt, greasy stains, soot, etc. It is irreplaceable for cleaning grout.
Cat no: PC106
From: 17.00 zł
20.91 zł with VAT
Odświeżacz powietrza
Niezwykle trwały i głęboki zapach. Skutecznie niweluje nieprzyjemne zapachy.
Cat no: PC235, PC229, PC222, PC223, PC221, PC220, PC227, PC232, PC230, PC231, PC234, PC233, PC238, PC237
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Biały / 850 ml
Materiał: Poliwęglan Przeznaczenie: Mydła piankowe
Cat no: DPPIA-B
From: 141.00 zł
173.43 zł with VAT
Toilet Cleaning Gel
Suitable for cleaning toilet bowls, shower drains, bathtubs and wash basins. It easily removes limestone formed as a result of the use of hard water.
Cat no: PC111
From: 10.00 zł
12.30 zł with VAT
Cleaning solution for care of floor panels and PVC flooring.
Effectively removes all dirt leaving a protective coating and a pleasant smell.
Cat no: PC108
From: 11.00 zł
13.53 zł with VAT
40 x 40 cm / do szyb
Gramatura 240g / m2
Cat no: N256
From: 6.00 zł
7.38 zł with VAT
40 x 40 cm / 10 szt.
Gramatura 320g / m2.
Cat no: N241
From: 55.00 zł
67.65 zł with VAT
30 x 30 cm / 10 szt.
Gramatura 320g / m2
Cat no: N250
From: 39.00 zł
47.97 zł with VAT