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Thorough Cleaning Solution
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BASIC is a concentrated cleaning solution designed for cleaning all surfaces resistant to the alkaline environment.

It has cleaning and degreasing properties. Effectively removes dried dirt, greasy stains, soot, etc.

It works very well for thorough cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces, e.g. flats after renovation. It is irreplaceable for cleaning grout.

The product is also used for cleaning all atmospheric dirt from the façade of buildings, stone floors and cobblestones.


Thanks to the foam consistency, it stays on vertical surfaces for a long time making cleaning much easier.


Directions for use:


Depending on the degree of staining, use the working solution with the concentration:

  • 5-10% pressure washing (from 50 - 100 ml of preparation for 1L of water)


Then apply the solution on the cleaned surface and use a mechanical cleaning material (e.g. sponge, brush, mop).

After a few minutes, collect the solution and wash with water. In the case of heavy staining, the concentrate can be used without dilution (e.g. for cleaning grout).

Before first use, perform a preliminary test on the cleaned surface.


Warning! Do not allow the product to dry on the cleaned surface. Do not use on hot surfaces.





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