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Orion Super Pro+

Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer – 3L, 6L, 9L or 12L
Cat no: KWAOR
3 l 6 l 9 l 12 l
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Suitable for difficult conditions where precision and safety of work are important. An excellent tool for removing dirt and all treatments using strong and aggressive chemistry. It works well for car workshops, car washes, construction as well as for treatments of DDD.


Product features:

Flexible fiberglass lance - 35cm long, resistant to mechanical damage

Convenient funnel – easy and quick pour of liquids

Safety valve - pressure always under control

Liquid level indicator - easy dispense and control of the liquid level in the tank

Comfortable carrying strap - work comfortably

Stabilising ring - stabilisation and protection of the tank against mechanical damage

Supporting legs – easy pump and quick preparation of the sprayer for work

Extended warranty - 5-year tank warranty