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Active car shampoo
Cat no: PC212
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Extremely efficient concentrate designed for cleaning cars.


Thanks to its foam consistency, it stays on the cleaned surface for a very long time. Effectively removes road dirt and other staining created during the operation of the vehicle. Thanks to its unique composition, it leaves a delicate gloss on the bodywork. It does not leave streaks.


The product is designed for pressure or hand washing.


Directions for use:

Before washing the car by hand thoroughly rinse the vehicle to remove particles of sand, salt or other impurities that may hinder the cleaning, or scratch the varnish coat.


The concentrate must be diluted with water to obtain a concentration of:

  • 3 - 7% pressure washing (from 30 - 70 ml of preparation for 1L of water) - depending on the degree of staining,
  • 2% hand washing (20 ml of preparation for 1L of water).


In the case of pressure washing, shampoo should be applied on the washed surface using a foamer

and left for 3 - 5 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with water under high pressure.

In the case of a hand washing , shampoo should be applied on the washed surface using a sprayer or a foamer. Wash using a sponge and a bucket of clean water then rinse thoroughly.


Warning! Do not allow the product to dry on the cleaned surface. Do not use on hot surfaces.



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