Plastic and rubber coating solution

Cat no: PC202
1 l 5 l 10 l
500 ml
15 x 1 l 34 x 500 ml

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Extremely effective preservative product with a gloss finish. Protects plastic and rubber elements:

  • tires
  • bumpers
  • handles
  • mirrors
  • bars
  • rubber seals (prevents from freezing in winter)
  • dashboards (gloss finish)


The product does not stick and dries completely leaving a velvety shine. It gives the effect of a "wet tire", while protecting the surface from salt and external factors i.e. sunlight. Protects against drying and delays the aging process of the rubber (parrying). Contains silicone.


Directions for use:

Spray the surface and let it dry. Desired spot should be clean and dry prior to spray application.