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Mercury Super 360 Pro+

Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer – 0,5L
Cat no: KWA005
500 ml
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Mercury Super Pro + 360 sprayers are a newer version of Mercury Super Pro + enriched with the 360® STRESS FREE system, enabling the application of liquids regardless of the position of the sprayer. They are ideal for cleaning companies, car washes, car workshops, but also for home users. They work best on small surfaces such as furniture, windows and car windows, dashboards, upholstery, etc. They are characterised by increased resistance to acid and alkaline solutions.

The unique design of Double Action pump used in Mercury Super Pro + 360 sprayers enables the application of chemicals both after pressing and releasing the lever, which makes the sprayer more efficient than the classic ones with a one-way pump. In addition, the pump has an adjustable nozzle tip, so you can easily and quickly set the angle of spraying liquid.

Mercury Super Pro + 360 sprayers have a stabilising base (also acting as a tank insulator from the ground) and a transparent indicator placed along the volume scale, allowing easy and quick checking of the liquid level in the tank.