Neutral active foam

Cat no: PC225

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Very thick active blue foam, designed for washing cars protected with hard waxes or ceramic coatings. Thanks to its exceptional consistency, it stays on the cleaned surface for a long time removing all road dirt easily.


Moreover, the distinctive color and intense fragrance will ensure that every wash becomes an extremely pleasant experience.


Neutral pH –it does not affect hard waxes and protective coatings.

Special pigment - washable, does not leave any discolorations.


The product is designed for cleaning, using a foam generating device. Depending on the type of foam, use the solution at a ratio:

1: 5 to 1:20 - PA foamer
       to 1: 200 - hand foamer


Apply the solution on the cleaned surface and leave for 3 - 5 min, then rinse with water using a high pressure.


Warning! Do not allow the product to dry on the cleaned surface.

Do not use on hot surfaces.