Car Wash Active Foam
Thick foam. Effectively removes road dirt and other staining created during the operation of the vehicle.
Cat no: PC213
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Hand washing paste
Hand washing paste. Removes oil, grease and soot. Does not cause irritation (pH = 5.5).
Cat no: PC002
From: 5.00 zł
6.15 zł with VAT
Engine cleaner
Product safe for cleaning engines. Does not react with aluminum, does not discolour plastics, does not damage seals.
Cat no: PC010
From: 10.00 zł
12.30 zł with VAT
Cleaning and degreasing concentrate
A powerful cleaning and degreasing concentrate. It easily removes oil, grease and tar. Ideal for cleaning oil stains on paving stones.
Cat no: PC004
From: 21.00 zł
25.83 zł with VAT
Deironizer – bloody rim
Removes all metallic dirt i.e. dust from brake pads. Completely safe for rims and varnish (neutral pH)
Cat no: PC224
From: 23.00 zł
28.29 zł with VAT
Neutral active foam
Colorful and fragrant foam with a neutral pH.
Cat no: PC225
From: 24.00 zł
29.52 zł with VAT
Rim cleaner
Extremely effective and very efficient concentrate with acidic pH for washing rims (pH = 1). It easily removes brake pad deposits from rims as well as any dirt formed on the road.
Cat no: PC214
From: 12.00 zł
14.76 zł with VAT
Piana aktywna do maszyn rolniczych
Koncentrat środka czyszczącego, przeznaczony do mycia maszyn rolniczych.
Cat no: PC301
From: 20.00 zł
24.60 zł with VAT
Plastic and rubber coating solution
Extracts deep black colour from the cleaned surface. It does not stick, dries completely giving it a velvety gloss. Perfect for tires, handles and bumpers.
Cat no: PC202
From: 28.00 zł
34.44 zł with VAT
Preserving coating spray for plastics – matte
Anti-static spray that restores the natural look. It does not leave a greasy layer.
Cat no: PC205
From: 8.50 zł
10.46 zł with VAT
Rust and scale remover concentrate
The product is designed for cleaning ceramic, metal, glass and plastic surfaces. Removes rust and limescale formed as a result of using hard water.
Cat no: PC008
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Leather cleaner and care preservative
Its special formula gently cleans the surface of the leather. It contains a blend of natural oils and moisturizing waxes. It does not leave an oily layer.
Cat no: PC203
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Brake remover
Universal product for cleaning and degreasing. It removes grease, oil, soot, wax, etc. It doesnt leave any deposits nor stains.
Cat no: PC013
From: 6.50 zł
8.00 zł with VAT
Active car shampoo
The product is designed for pressure or hand washing. Thanks to its unique composition, it leaves a delicate gloss on the bodywork. It does not leave streaks.
Cat no: PC212
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Industrial floor cleaning concentrate
The product is designed for cleaning all surfaces resistant to the alkaline environment. Removes dirt, oil, fat and grease.
Cat no: PC005
From: 13.00 zł
15.99 zł with VAT
Concentrate for floor cleaning equipment / Floor cleaning equipment concentrate
Low-foaming concentrate designed for floor cleaning equipment.
Cat no: PC009
From: 15.00 zł
18.45 zł with VAT
Hydrowax with a dehumidifier
A highly concentrated product with drying and polishing properties.
Cat no: PC215
From: 25.00 zł
30.75 zł with VAT
Washing solution for closed circuit washers
An almost odourless washing solution, which evaporates very slowly from the cleaned surfaces allowing a thorough cleanse. It can be used repeatedly n a closed circuit.
Cat no: PC015
From: 109.00 zł
134.07 zł with VAT
Car wax – Quick Detailer
Wax based on nanotechnology, fast application of the product. Protects the varnish by leaving a delicate layer along with perfect shiny finish.
Cat no: PC207
From: 9.00 zł
11.07 zł with VAT
Car shampoo with a neutral pH - bubble gum fragrance
Effectively removes road dirt. It does not wash off hard waxes, it does not destroy protective coatings.
Cat no: PC211, PC216
From: 10.00 zł
12.30 zł with VAT