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Rust and scale remover concentrate
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ROST is the product designed for cleaning ceramic, metal, glass and plastic surfaces. Removes rust and limescale formed as a result of using hard water.


Thanks to its properties, the preparation can be used for cleaning:

  • sanitary rooms (walls and floors of showers cabins and washrooms, corridors),
  • sanitary facilities (bathtubs, taps, toilet bowls),
  • plastic and glass pipes and apparatus,
  • car wash,
  • in food industry (breweries, dairies, processing plants, storage tanks, etc.).


Designed for manual or machine cleaning as well as for a circulation method.


Directions for use:

The concentrate must be diluted with cold water at a ratio:

1:15 - regular use, traditional cleaning
           (after cleaning, washed surfaces should be rinsed with water)
1: 200 - 1:20 - circulation method depending on the hardness of water used
                      (The solution should be circulated in the interior of the cleaned apparatus for 10 - 60min,
                       after washing, rinse the device with water for 5 - 10min)


Large lime scale deposits can be removed with pure concentrate (without dilution).




The 0,7kg container contains ready to use dilution. Other containers contain concentrate only.





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